Foods Do Matter

Foods matter the most to health


 "Sicknesses come in through the mouth,

Troubles come out from the mouth."

- Chinese proverb

We are what we eat. Many new researches are affirming that disease is caused by a toxemia from food which results in cellular impairment and breakdown, thus paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of germs and disease.  

While we do not have much control over many things in life, we do have full control over what we put into our mouth. Most degenerative diseases take years to develop. Un-nutritional food and faulty diet help diseases to grow exponentially. When a person is being diagnosed with a disease, usually the damage has already been done. To undo the damage is not always possible. For example, when kidney cells are damaged and destroyed, they will no longer be able to recover and the body will not be able to make healthy kidney cells again. 

Eating Right

Eating right is fundamental to good health. Unfortunately, knowing what and how to eat right is easier said than done. There are too many different schools of thoughts, flip-flopping advice from governments and experts, and non-stopped disagreement over what is healthy and what is not. To protect ourselves and to best serve our own interests, we have to become knowledgeable and well informed in order to make the right food choices for our health. In times of sickness, eating right is of paramount importance in helping the body to fight, to repair and to recover.

Throughout history, human lived on natural and whole food right from the land. Today, in the name of progress and modernization, our foods are cultivated, highly processed and are no longer natural and whole. GMO seeds, pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormone, antibiotics, chemical additives, synthetic fats, synthetic sugar and food substitutes are all making our food no longer healthful. Together with soil depletion and environmental pollution, our food is laden with heavy metals toxins, chemical poisons and allergens. Our food is stressing our normal cellular functions, depressing the immune function, causing key vital organs to fail and stripping our body the natural ability to defend itself.   

In many centenarian studies done around the world, the centenarians are found to have relatively low sugar, low triglycerides and low insulin for their age. The biggest problem with today's foods is they are laden with high level of corn syrup, synthetic sugar and simple carbohydrates which turn into sugar quickly. A high sugar diet provokes insulin production. The more insulin our cells are exposed to, the more they will become resistance. Sugar is known to prevent vitamin C from entering our cells therefore depressing our immune function, increasing inflammation and accelerate aging. High insulin causes the retention of sodium which causes high blood pressure and fluid retention. It also causes plaque build-up, constricts the arteries and causes congestive heart failure. 

The second most important problem with today's food is the cooking oil. Hydrogenated oil which is found in most processed foods contains man-made molecules called trans-fatty acids. When trans-fatty acids substitute for the health-giving essential fatty acids, they interfere with normal metabolic functions causing indigestion and obesity. Trans-fats are also harmful to our cell membranes, hormone synthesis, immune function and the natural ability to deal with inflammation. High consumption of bad fats is the cause for many chronic diseases.

The best food is whole foods that are grown organically and locally. Food should be prepared from scratch at home using good seasoning such as natural sea salt and cane sugar, healthy fat such as olive oil or coconut oil, no commercial seasoning or additive and no preservative so that they are not putting extra burden on our liver, kidney and digestive systems. Food can kill but food can heal too. It’s all depends on what we eat and every meal counts. 

Eating for health does not mean that you have to eat boring foods or you have to spend a lot of money on food. You just have to be knowledgeable and selective about what you put into your mouth. Eating what is cheap and convenient will only create problems for your health. Many people are feeding their car better than feeding their own body. It boils down to self-worthiness and smart life choices. We can always buy another car but we only have one life and one body and there is no take-two. The best love of all in this world is to love YOU and your health. When you have health, then you can love everything and everyone else.          

Whole Food

Dr. David Jenkins, a professor at the University of Toronto and a leading expert on diet and blood sugar, saw foods as inadvertent packages of drugs. "In pharmacology, people often talk in terms of combination therapy. Yet we have not realized that this is exactly what some foods are doing already providing a combination therapy of their own."

The science of Nutritional Immunology believes that health problems can be averted through constant proper nutrition rather than through medications after health problems show themselves. The body's immune system, when provided with the nutrients it needs, can fight off illness before it gains a hold in the body, often before we realize we are even under attack!

However, despite the inherent strength of the immune system, a constant diet of unhealthy chemical-laden, highly-processed foods weakens it and keeps it from functioning at its peak. What the body requires to maintain a healthy immune system is a wide variety of healthy wholesome plant foods.

Wholesome healthful plants, such as vegetables, fruits and herbs, all contribute to our well-being. Plants contain vitamins, mineral, fiber and nutrients, such as photochemical, antioxidants and polysaccharides that enhance the immune system, help reduce the growth of microorganisms and favorably influence blood lipids, serum cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Over the centuries that people have been eating plant foods on this planet, they have also been recognizing relationships between foods and health. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said; "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food'. So-called 'folk remedies’; are the distillation of this centuries-old wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Chinese Traditional Medicine, with its infinite wealth of knowledge, was compiled by observant doctors throughout the ages. Now modern science is beginning to verify this wisdom and validate its claims. While once scientists isolated active chemicals from foods for use as drugs, now many health organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Cancer Society, recommend eating the foods themselves instead. They have found that unnatural, isolated chemicals cannot and do not work as effectively, economically and safely as eating healthful, wholesome plant foods.