Raise Body Temperature for Optimal Health

How to raise body temperature to prevent sickness


The average body temperature for healthy individual should be around 36.8℃. Researchers in Japan have found that when body temperature falls below 35.0℃, cancer cells will strive and grow quickly. When body temperature is above 39.3℃, the condition is hostile to cancer growth and cancer cells will die. For healthy people with healthy immune system, it is a natural response for the body to raise its temperature in order to fight off invaders and to heal itself.

The researchers have also found that many people today are having body temperature constantly around 35.0℃ or lower. It is because people are living in temperature controlled environment and their bodies do not have to work hard or sweat therefore blood and qi circulations are slow. Wrong diet, stressful lifestyle and some common health problems are contributing factors as well. As a result, people are having sluggish organs functions and poor immune system. It was found that for every drop of 1℃, immune function will drop 30%. Low body temperature also causes inability of the body to burn waste materials, toxins and fat. Therefore, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, gout and heart problems are among the common problems. The younger generation are not immune because they are spending too much time indoor in cyber space.

In order to improve and protect health, people should be conscious about keeping their body temperature close to 36.8℃. This is when the body can burn off waste, get rid of excessive weight, fight off infectious disease and heal many undiagnosed ailments.


The following are common health problems which can lower body temperature:

Depression – can slow down normal functions in the body.

Narrowing of arteries – can restrict blood flow and circulation.

Blood coagulation – can obstruct body energy to fight health problems.

Cancer can drain body energy when fighting cancer cells.

Obesity  can cause building up of fat which can restrict circulation.


Symptoms of low body temperature:

  • red face
  • red spots in palms, thumbs and little fingers
  • headache
  • knee pain, joint pain, sore loin
  • stomach pain
  • cold abdomen
  • incompetence
  • menstrual pain and disorder
  • frequent urination
  • hemorrhoid
  • kidney infection
  • bad temper
  • anxiety
  • poor sleep quality
  • tinnitus
  • difficulty in breathing
  • bleeding of gum and nose.


Effective ways to raise body temperature:

1.  Eat warming foodsavoid cooling foods such as green tea, beer, milk, vinegar, raw foods and leafy green vegetables salad. Eat warming yang food such as root vegetables and foods in dark color such as red tea, brown rice, black beans, ginger, etc.

2.  Take hot bath before going to bed - make sure your body is emerged in hot water until slightly sweating.

3.  Keep hands and feet warm at night – cover them and put on socks if necessary.

4.  Do light exercise or brisk walking for 20 minutes in the morning - to kick start circulation and metabolic functions.

5.  Avoiding over consumption of cold foods and drinks – even in summer.

6.  Avoid green tea and take red tea only. Add 3 slices of ginger to your red tea to promote qi circulation.

7.  Take vitamin E - to promote healthy blood vessels and arteries.

8.  Eat more nuts, beta- carotene and meat for essential nutrients for blood production – walnuts, sesame seeds, pine nuts, chive, carrot, spinach, peach, apricot and papaya, beef, lamb, seafood, brown rice, soy beans, tofu, red cane sugar.

9.  Eat pungent food – eat some mustard, pepper, chilly, scallion or curry regularly to promote blood circulation.

10.  Eat warning herbs to improve body constitution – ginseng, dried longan fruit, black sesame seeds, dangshen, angelica, cinnamon, broomrape, ginger, etc.