Job’s tears and Red Beans

For Health and Longevity

Job’s tears and Red Beans

for Health and Longevity

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Vicky Chan - October 22, 2014


Job’s tears is commonly known as Chinese pearl barley or coix. It is the seed of a grass, grown mostly in Asia and is well known for its many health benefits.

Chinese Medicine classifies the nature of Job’s tears as slightly cold and sweet and is attributive to spleen, stomach, lungs, liver, and large intestine. It is known to promote diuresis and invigorate the spleen; relieve dampness obstruction and eliminate phlegm. It can also clear away heat and drain pus. It is a superior herb, proven and safe and commonly used for treating babies with heat rashes, children with smallpox and skin allergies and adults with arthritis, high cholesterol, over weight, scanty urine, swelling and pain in joints and sinews, rheumatism, lung infections, cough with blood in sputum and dry scaly skin. It is almost like an all-encompassing herb which can do so much good for our health. 

Modern scientific research has confirmed the anti-allergic effect and cholesterol lowering properties of Job’s tears. Some research suggested that the chemicals in Job's tears might interfere with cancer cell growth, has antioxidant effects and might also decrease growth of bacteria and parasites. Other research found that the fiber contained in Job's tears might decrease how much fat and cholesterol the body absorbs.

In order to get the best results from Job’s tears, it is recommended to take it regularly. There are many ways or recipes in incorporating Job`s tears in our everyday diet. It can be made into tea, soups, desserts or stews. Please search our website to see many recipes using Job’s tears to cure many different health problems.

With many middle age people nowadays suffering from high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease, one common root cause of their problems is internal dampness or water logging in cells. The following recipe of using Job’s tears and red bean is the best natural cure to solve their health woes. In many Chinese Medicine literatures, this recipe is highly praised as the one thing to take daily for health and longevity. The basic recipe can be extended depending on one`s needs by adding one or two extra ingredients to give the added benefits. This is the healthiest breakfast replacement to the unhealthy food that most people are eating daily such as milk and cereals, instant oak meals, bread and bake goods.

And it is very easy to make. You just need to put the ingredients in a slow cooker and start the cooking before you go to bed and then you have this healthy hot breakfast waiting for you when you get up in the morning. It is especially comforting during winter time to have a hot breakfast before heading out into the cold. You can make it as thick or as watery as you like. You may drink the liquid as a beverage and strain the grains to eat separately at lunch by adding them to a salad or eat them together as a hot thick cereal. You can make a batch good enough for up to two to three days if it is easier for you. Please note that never add rice to this recipe because it will defeat the purpose of using it as a diuretic because rice is bonding and will do the opposite.


Job’s Tears and Red Bean Soup

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Overweight, water retention, poor digestive health.


Release water retention, promote energy circulation and reduce body fats and weight.

INGREDIENTS: (for 2 to 3 servings)

  • Job’s tears (yi yi ren) 意米 – half cup
  • Red beans – half cup

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  • add  pumpkin – to treat diabetes, stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea
  • add yam – to treat underweight and lack of appetite
  • add fox nut – to treat weak constitution, weak kidney functions and frequent urination
  • add ginger – to treat cold stomach syndrome with cold hands and feet
  • add black bean – to strengthen kidney
  • add soy bean – to treat water retention in lower legs and feet
  • add pear – to treat cough
  • add longan fruit – to treat lack of energy and over sleeping
  • add lily bulb and lotus seed – to treat insomnia


  1. Rinse all ingredients and put in a pot with adequate water. If using a slow heat cooker, start off the cooking with hot boiling water.
  2. Bring to a boil and lower heat to medium and cook for one hour or to desire softness.
  3. When ready to eat, add honey or organic sugar to taste if prefer.


No limitation and is suitable for all ages.

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