Warming & Nourishing Dessert

Warming & Nourishing Dessert

 Warming & Nourishing Dessert

By Vicky Chan

December 2013


In winter months, we all tend to eat more to keep warm and exercise less; therefore it is hard to avoid packing on extra pounds. Especially with all the festivities and celebrations happening at the same time, surely we will be tempted to indulge in more heavy, greasy and high calorie food. The worst culprit is desserts such as Christmas puddings and cakes. They are packed with sugar, butter, dried fruits, chocolate, cheese, cream and alcohol which inevitably can quickly add pounds to our bodies and create extra burden to health.

If you are health conscious but do not want to give up on desserts completely and are hoping to find healthier alternatives; here is one perfect recipe for you. It is quick and easy to make, very soothing and warming to the body, not heavy and is easy to digest. It can even give your family and friends a new surprise. Each ingredient chosen is a powerhouse of nutrients by itself with so many health benefits to offer. (You can search our website  to see the therapeutic effects of each ingredient.) The best part of this recipe is you can vary the quantity of each ingredient according to your own likings. You can even skip one or two ingredients if they are not conveniently availability to you. No matter what you do, it will just come out perfect.

Eight Treasures Dessert



Dry skin, dry throat and/or with occasional dry cough.


Promotes vital fluid, lowers internal heat and moisturizes skin.

INGREDIENTS: (3 to 4 Servings)

  • snow-ear mushroom – one

  • honey dates – four

  • gingko seeds – 20

  • apple – one

  • banana – one

  • fresh lily bulb – 50gm

  • egg – one

  • tapioca pearls / sagu – 25gm

  • sugar – to taste

1.  Soak snow-ear mushroom with plenty of water for around 30 minutes. Cut out the brown base and separate mushroom into smaller pieces. Rinse a few times.

2.  Rinse honey dates and gingko, and put together with mushroom in a pot with about 8 cups of water. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes.

3.  Remove skin and core of apple, cut into small cubes and add to the cooking.

4.  Add sagu and stir until they become transparent (about 3 to 4 minutes) to act as healthy thickener.

5.  Add sugar to taste. Add more water if necessary.

6.  Separate lily bulbs and rinse clean. Cut banana into small cubes. Add the two to the cooking for just another 2 minutes more.   

7.  Beat egg, pour and stir into the cooking and turn off heat. Serve warm.


No restriction and is suitable for all ages.


Fresh gingko seeds and fresh lily bulbs can be found in most Chinese supermarkets in the refrigerated fresh produce section.


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