Cooking Rice

How to cook rice

How to Cook Rice


Using a rice cooker to cook rice can make your cooking job so much easier. It will come out perfectly every time if you follow the water to rice ratio precisely. Plus there will be no rice wasted sticking to the bottom which is the common case when using pot/pan to cook rice over stove top.

Since there are different kinds of rice, you should pay attention to how to prepare each kind properly.


White Rice

White RiceMany people are over washing rice before cooking and are wasting good nutrients without knowing it. Especially for white rice with all the rice bran being removed by machine, the core is so exposed that all the B vitamins can be easily washed away. Therefore when cooking white rice, you just need to use little water to rinse the rice quickly and not more than twice. It is best to put rice in a finely knitted metal colander and rinse it under the tap very quickly.

Brown Rice/ Multi-grain rice

IMG_2351_400x286.jpgBrown rice and multi-grain rice usually come with less refined processing so they have more husk and are harder to cook, but are better for health.  To make the cooking easier, you can soak the rice two hours in advance before cooking. It is important to note that you don’t want to throw the soaking water away because there are good nutrient in the water. Therefore, to do it properly, you need to rinse the rice first, put them in the cooker with the right amount of water, cover the lid and let it sit for two hours before pressing the cook button. This will give you perfectly soft rice with the normal cooking cycle.

White Glutinous Rice

White Glutinous Rice

It is also called sticky rice and it is much easier to cook than plain white rice. You should use less water to cook them if you don’t want them to stick together. The alternative is to soak them with level water for 2 to 3 hours and then steam the rice instead of cooking them.

Black Glutinous rice

Black Glutinous RiceBlack glutinous rice has the full husk in place so it is much harder to cook and is not recommended to cook in a rice cooker. You need to soak the rice a few hours ahead of time. Then bring enough water in a Dutch oven or a thick stainless steel pot to boil first before adding the rice to the cooking. Make sure the cooking maintain at rolling boil so that the rice will not stick to the bottom of the pot. Constant stirring is absolutely necessary. Add more hot water to the cooking when necessary until it gets to your desirable softness and thickness.


Gourmet rice

gourmet_rice.jpgGourmet rice is like one pot rice dish with foods cook on top of the rice. This is a quick and easy way to make simple meal for people who like to keep cooking fast and simple. You can use rice cooker to do so which makes it even more effortless. The rule of thumb is the foods ingredients must be very easy to cook and should be done within a few minutes of steaming. Usually food ingredients are added to the rice cooking half way through when water inside stop bubbling. Finely sliced or diced chicken, pork or beef are the common choices. By pre-seasoning meat and ingredients ahead of time and add them on top of the rice, the juice and flavor will seep through to the rice which makes it a tasty one dish meal.    

Fried rice

RiceTo cook rice for making fried rice, you need to cook rice with only 80% of the required amount of water so that the rice will come out a little bit harder and not so sticky which is ideal for making fried rice. By doing this, you don’t need to refrigerate rice overnight to make it harder. Using freshly cooked rice to make fried rice is better and healthier.