Nature : Neutral, Taste : Sweet



Nature : Neutral

Taste : Sweet

Acts on Organ : Lungs, Spleen, Kidney

Healing Effects : Blood and energy tonic; promote urination; strengthen tendons and bones; relieve dry throat and thirst; calm the fetus; save eyesight; conquer kidney stones; combat cancer; enhance blood flow; protect heart.

Grape is rich in vitamin C, B1, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Resveratrol found in grape skin can reduce the amount of harmful substances in our body and kill cancer cells. The hign folic compounds in grapes and OPC found in grape seeds are strong antioxidant which can prevent aging.

Researchers discovered that drinking grape juice daily lowers the "bad" cholesterol and significantly improves arteries' capacity for blood flow.

Grape is high in glucose so it is necessary  to limit consumption to not more than 10 per day.

New research: Eat grapes to reduce body-wide inflammation and organ damage

Thursday, April 25, 2013 by: Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor

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