Nature : Neutral, Taste : Sweet




Nature : Neutral

Taste : Sweet

Acts on Organ : Lung, Spleen, Large intestines

Healing Effects : Fortify spleen; boost qi; treat spontaneous perspiration due to vacuity; treat fluid dryness and intestinal dryness; lower cholesterol; combat cancer; battle diabetes; prevent constipation; smooth skin.

According to new research, fiber-rich oats can also cut your risk of type 2 diabetes.Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates and supplies the body with a constant flow of energy. The type of fiber it contains actually sticks to cholesterol in the blood and helps the body eliminate it.

To reap the benefits, eat 1/2 cup daily—preferably unsweetened. For a versatile breakfast, top with different combinations of fruit, yogurt, and nuts. You can add grinded sesame seeds, flexseeds and wheat germs for extra health benefits. Oats can also be used to coat fish or chicken or add texture to meatballs and dumplings.