Corn silk

Nature : Neutral, Taste : Sweet

Corn Silk



Nature : Neutral

Taste : Sweet

Acts on Organ : Liver, Gall bladder

Healing Effects : Promote urination; improve kidney functions; reduce edema; relieve gall bladder stones and diabetes; corn silk with banana peel soup relieve hypertension / high blood pressure, nosebleed and vomiting of blood; regulate blood sugar to prevent and treat diabetes.

Recipes for preventing/treating diabetes:

Winter Melon and Corn Silk Drink

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Hollow Vegetable and Corn Silk Drink

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Corn Silk and Pig Pancreas Soup

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Recipes for preventing/treating high blood pressure:


Water Chestnut, Kelp and Corn Silk Drink

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Recipes for treating kidney infection:


Melon Peel and Corn Silk Tea 

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