Goji-berry/Chinese Wolfberry (gou ji zi)

Nature: Neutral; sweet; attributive to liver and kidneys.

Goji-berry / Chinese Wolfberry / Fructus Lycii

(gou ji zi) 枸杞子


Nature: Neutral; sweet; attributive to liver and kidneys.


Characteristics: The fruits of a common shrub, small and oval in shape, reddish orange with a sweet but coarse taste. A superior herb, a popular health tonic since ancient times in China and is widely used in many longevity formulas. Particularly good for eyes and strengthen weak legs and knees for the elderly.


Therapeutic effects: Nourish kidney-yin; tonify liver-yin deficiency; treat deficiency of essence and blood manifested as dizziness, blurring of vision, hypopsia, tinnitus, emisssion and soreness of the loin and extremities; relieves chronic thirst and emollient to lungs; also for treating and preventing diabetes.


The whole goji-plant has medicinal properties and different part is harvested during different time of the year. It is the most inexpensive herb, in abundant supply, easy to grow, offers the most health benefits and there is little limitation on usage.

Spring – pick leave(天精草), Summer – pick flower (長壽草),

Fall – pick seed(枸杞子), Winter – pick root (di gi pi 地骨皮)

The many health benefits include:

1.  Promote qi

2.  Enrich blood

3.  Promote yang

4.  Grow yin

5.  Lower heat

6.  Expel dampness

7.  Regulate immune system

8.  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

9.  Protect liver

10.  Promote clear eye-sight

11.  Anti-cancer

12.  Anti-aging

13.  Promote energy

14.  Llower blood sugar

15.  Promote normal organ functions.