Dangshen (dang shen)

Nature: Warm, sweet, attributive to spleen and lungs.

Dangshen / Codonopsis Pilosulae

(dang shen) 黨參


Nature: Warm, sweet, attributive to spleen and lungs.


Characteristics: The roots of a perennial herb in the same family as ginseng. It is a superior herb resembles ginseng and the therapeutic properties are similar, only not as strong and expensive. It is suitable for mild chronic conditions that do not require high-potency herbs. It can be used daily in the kitchen as an ingredient in stews, soups and porridges for the whole family for preventive against heart disease.


Therapeutic effects: Build immunity and raise resistance; promote the production body fluid; nourish blood and energy; lower blood pressure; raise blood sugar; tonify spleen and lung energy. Suitable for chronic fatigue; hypertension; loss of appetite; loose bowels; pale complexion; exhaustion after surgery or childbirth; body bloating and facial swelling due to edema; immune deficiency; hypoglycemia.

Dang shen is known as poor men’s ginseng because it is 10 times cheaper than red ginseng. It has similar health benefits but you just need to take more in quantity (double the quantity of ginseng). It is most suitable for treating common health deficiencies for any age group.