Ginseng (ren shen)

Nature: Warm, sweet, slightly bitter, attributive to spleen and lungs.

Ginseng / Panax Ginseng

(ren shen) 人參


Nature: Warm, sweet, slightly bitter, attributive to spleen and lungs.

Characteristics: The fleshy roots of a perennial herb. There are many types and grades of ginseng depending on the source, age, parts of root used and the methods of preparation. They come in white and red varieties and the red ones are more potent and more expensive. Ginseng is an energy tonic; a superior herb that has long been regarded as the King of herb that can "cure-all" because of its double-direction activity. It will bring back the right balance in any situation of excess or deficiency. However, it should not be taken while having cold, flu or lung infections.


Therapeutic effects: Invigorate vital energy, spleen energy and lung energy; promote production of vital fluid and balance hormones; calm the mind, anti-fatigue and anti-stress; enhance immune response; improve circulation and function; regulate blood pressure and blood sugar; anti-tumor and anti-cancer; stimulate liver functions; regulate central nervous system; anti-aging; antioxidant.


American ginseng promote vital fluid, increase energy, cooling yang and tonify yin. Suitable for treating lung cancer and side effects of chemotherapy.  


Ginseng has similar status as ling-chi and is the most studied and highly regarded Chinese herbs in the western world. It is not a cure-all herb and is not suitable for everyone but has many healthful benefits.

            1. Anti-stress – enhance physical strength and resistance

            2. Anti-fatigue – promote organs function and endurance

            3. Anti-aging - prevent excessive free radical production or lipid peroxidation.

            4. Anti-heart failure - improve heart functions and blood flow

            5. Promote stomach and digestive health

            6. Normalizing blood sugar and metabolic functions

            7. Improve immune system to fight cancer

            8. Promote adrenal health

The following 7 groups of people should not take ginseng.

            1. Severe allergy and with rashes after taking ginseng

            2. High blood pressure

            3. When having fever and flu

            4. Asthma with air obstruction and hematemesis

            5. Edema and swelling

            6. Heat constitution with constipation and difficult in urination

            7. Insomniac and high tempered.