Cordyceps (dong chiung xia cao)

Nature: Warm; sweet; attributive to kidneys and lungs.

Winter-worm-summer-grass / Cordyceps Sinensis

(dong chiung xia cao) 冬虫夏草


Nature: Warm; sweet; attributive to kidneys and lungs.


Characteristics: It is the fungal parasite that grows on the pupa of a kind of caterpillar. It is an insect in winter and a plant in summer. It is regarded as the equivalent of ginseng, a superior herb and a general invigorating tonic. It is particularly effective in restoring vitality, enhancing immune response and as a male sexual elixir.


Therapeutic effects: Invigorate the kidney and supplement essence for treating impotence, emission, physical exhaustion, dizziness and tinnitus; invigorate the lung and eliminate cough and phlegm, stop bleeding; build immunity; prevent pre-mature aging; tonic for recuperation from surgery or long illness.


Cordyceps is an all round superior herbs. It is both a yin and yang tonic and can benefit both the weakened and the strong organs. Only wild cordyceps are effective and it can only be found in the Tibetan Plateau due to its altitude and climate. In recent years, it has become an endangered herb due to over harvesting. Many cordyceps found in the market are fake and the real ones are far and few with extremely high price tag. 

Many modern studies have confirmed cordyceps to have the following heatlh benefits:

1. Improve metabolic functions

2. Regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar

3. Regulate heart, brain and blood circulation

4. Promote growth of stem cell, T-cell, white blood cell and cellular functions

5. Anti-tumor growth

6. Anti-aging

7. Promote kidney, liver and stomach health