Natural and herbal remedy recipes for treating anemia


In western medicine, anemia is due to insufficient iron or lack of sufficient red blood cells. The symptoms are pallor-looking skin, breathlessness, headaches, fatigue and general weakness. Treatment for iron-deficient anemia involves increasing iron absorption. Nutritional anemia is due to a deficiency of folic acid. Natural food sources for iron and folic acid are kidney and liver, egg yolk, lean meats, poultry, oysters, green leafy vegetables, orange juice, blackberry and parsley juice, grape juice, whole-wheat products, beets, peas and beans, especially soybean.

Chinese medicine defines anemia as blood problems associated with disorders of the heart, heart-spleen deficiency, liver-kidney yin deficiency or spleen-kidney yang deficiency. Treatments are to reinforce the spleen and kidneys, replenish blood and qi and to nourish yin. Dong-gui, ginseng and dang-shen are the herbs commonly used.

Recipes under the headings of blood, qi and yin are also applicable for treating anemia.


All Anemia Recipes:

Maltose Herbal Drink (5001)

Nourish blood, and invigorate vital energy.

Lotus Root Drink (5002)

Nourish and promote blood, improve complexion

Treat Anemia with Low Blood Pressure Tea (5003)

Treat anemia with low blood pressure, night sweat, and insomnia.

Longan and Lotus Seed Congee (5004)

Promote the production of blood and qi, improve energy

Duck and Cordyceps Soup (5005)

Treat anemia, dizziness, tinnitus, soreness of the loin and knees

Spinach and Pig Liver Soup (5006)

Benefit yin, reinforce body fluid and nourish blood

Dang Shen and Oyster Soup (5007)

Nourish yin and promote blood

Tomato Liver Soup (5008)

Treat blood deficiency with headache, pale looking, white lips and nails

Dang Shen Astragalus Chicken Soup (5009)

Treat anemia due to sickness or weak constitution

Dang Shen Beef Tenderloin Soup (5010)

Improve spleen function and promote blood, bones and tendons

Mugwort Chicken Soup (5011)

Anemia with headache and dizziness due to loosing too much blood

Beet and Kidney Bean Soup (5012)

Promote blood and improve bone health