Ginger & 3 Roots Soup (4006)

Promote blood circulation and expel wetness, cure arthritis

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Ginger & 3 Roots Soup




Promote blood circulation and expel wetness, cure arthritis.


  • Eucommia Cortex (du jung) 杜仲 – 15gm
  • Morinda Root (ba ji tien) 巴戟 – 9gm
  • Citortum root (gou ji) 金狗脊 – 6gm
  • Clematis root (wei ling xian) 威靈仙 – 9gm
  • Ginger 老薑 – 60gm
  • Pork spinal bone 豬脊骨 – 240gm

1.   Wash bones and put in boiling water to cook for 5 minutes. Remove and rinse.

2.   Rinse herbs and put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 12 cups of water. Bring to a boil, remove foam and reduce heat to medium to cook for 2 hours to about 3 cups of soup (add boiling water to the cooking if necessary).

4.   Add salt to taste and serve.


No limitation.


Use minced ginger to rub directly on areas with most pain. Use hair dryer to warm ginger and the areas to speed up recovery.

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