Glehnia and Pork Soup (4012)

Treat painful muscle and joints with the change of weather

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Glehnia and Pork Soup


Painful muscle and joints with the change of weather, rheumatism.


Nourish the stomach and promote the production of fluid, nourish yin.


  • Pork 瘦肉- 320gm
  • Glehnia (bei sha shen) 北沙參- 40gm
  • Ginger 生薑- a few slices
  • Green onion 生薦- two

1.   Wash pork and rinse herb.

2.   Put pork, glehnia and ginger in a pot with adequate water.

3.   Cook over medium heat for 2 hours to one cup of soup.

4.   Add salt and finely chopped green onion and serve. Eat some meat with soup.


No restricion.

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