Sugar Coated Pinenuts (4001)

Eliminate cold and wetness causing arthritis pain

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Sugar Coated Pinenuts



Arthritis pain moving around the body at joints and muscles.


Eliminate cold and wetness causing arthritis pain and numbness in extremities. Improve nervous functions and joints activities.


  • Pine nuts 松子仁 – 360 gm
  • Ginger juice – two spoons
  • Sugar -  one cup

1.   Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Put in pine nuts to cook for a couple of minutes, remove and drain.

2.   Warm one cup of water in a pan, add ginger juice and melt in one cup of sugar. Turn off heat and put pine nuts in to coat with sugar. Remove and drain.

3.   Warm a cup of oil in a pot and put pine nuts in by batch to fry them for a couple of minutes. Remove and let cool down to form crunchy coating on the outside of pine nuts.

4.    Eat pine nuts as snack or add to salad or stir-fry.


No restriction. Take pine nuts with ginger tea to intensify healing effects.     


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