Natural and herbal remedy recipes for cancer prevention and cure



Cancer is a sickness that is highly preventable but only treatable at the early stage. When the damages are too widespread, there is no medicine in the world that can cure cancer. Surgical removal of malignant parts from the body is just like cutting off the tips of the iceberg. If the underlying condition remains unchanged, cancer will just find other weaker areas to pop up. The only possibility to eradicate cancer is to completely change the underlying condition to one that is so hostile that cancer cells can no longer exist.  

Oxygen deficiency

Oxygen deficiency is one known cause of cancer. When the human body is supplied with abundant amounts of oxygen, all cancer cells, viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins, pathogens and disease microorganisms are killed because they cannot survive in a high-oxygen environment. People who do not exercise are more likely to have oxygen deficiency. Extensive research done in the last decade have proven that our diet have a profound effect on whether we will have cancer or not. A high sugar  and highly acidic diet from meat are known to breed cancer. A melancholy mind provokes an increase of stress hormone - cortisol, which has been directly associated with the worsening of cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is also found to breed cancer. A large-scale controlled study have found that vitamin D can cut overall cancer risk by as much as 60 percent


Good habits of health such as avoiding smoking and drinking, avoiding fatty or deep fried food, over burnt meats, preserved foods, spicy and highly processed food, and eating smaller meals to avoid over eating are the basic prerequisites for good health. Eating a diet of at least 50% of vegetables, beans and seeds for rich nutrients, minerals, fiber and antioxidants is vital in preventing cancer. A healthy gut with good bacteria can help the immune system to fight and break down carcinogens and turn them into nutrients and harmless molecules.

Acidic cancer forming foods

The acidic cancer forming foods are sugar, milk, meat and caffeine. Chicken in particular should be eliminated from the diet of cancer patients because it benefits cancer growth. For patients receiving chemotherapy and suffering from destructive side effects, eating fresh and rejuvenating plant-based diet is important to clear out toxic materials. Taking one to two glasses of fresh vegetable juice daily is best to get plenty of anti-oxidants. People taking one glass of fresh organic potato juice before meal for up to three months have shown promising result in fighting cancer. Reducing salt in food is necessary to lower the burden on the kidney, heart and liver so that the body has more energy to fight cancer.

Alkaline PH balance

Maintaining the body in alkaline PH balance is needed to prevent and stop cancer growth . Seaweed and kelp are high alkaline foods and should be taken regularly. Eat fresh mushrooms, organic brown rice, egg, fish, tofu, soy beans, yogurt and some lean pork for balanced nutrition to improve immune function and overall health. Don't forget to add plenty of lemon  (highly alkaline) to your food to prevent cancer. 

Anti-cancer conditions

Besides diet and lifestyles, it is important to control stress. Life is a series of choices and being free from stress is one of those choices that is under our control. Exercise can help to relax the body and mind, lower stress and promote good sleep. Sleeping is vital for the body to repair, recover and rejuvenate itself. Getting enough vitamin D from sun exposure is also vital in preventing and fighting cancer. When we take good care of our health, we can promote an internal condition that is not suitable for cancer cells to survive or grow.

TCM Treatments

Chinese medicine can only play the role of complementary treatment for advance cases in lessening the side effects of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, controlling pain and helping to strengthen the immune system. Chinese Medicine finds cancer as coagulation of toxic energy in our body which is causing obstruction to the normal flow of blood and qi, therefore causing tumor growth. There are four vital areas in our body where toxic energy can accumulate: the upper body around the lungs – the upper burner, the middle body around the abdomen – the middle burner, the lower body around the kidney – the lower burner and the back of our body behind the lungs – the outer burner. It is important to keep qi circulating freely in these areas to prevent sickness and cancer. Qi-kung and tai-chi use deep breathing exercise to move energy and blood around the body. Herbs such as dandelion, astragalus and pubescentis are commonly used to promote the circulation of qi. 

Food Treatment

In Chinese food treatment, a well-balanced diet to promote the health of the vital organs and the normal production of body fluids are deemed as most important. Any deficiency or abnormality in body fluid level can trigger abnormal cell development and tumor growth. Blood and qi tonic, kidney tonic, antioxidant foods, foods to promote blood circulation, diuretic foods to expel dampness and blood clots are all commonly used to treat cancer.

Red Grape

Grape is highly alkaline and its skin contains an antioxidant called resveratrol that has been shown to cause apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. Resveratrol is also known for its ability to protect from bacteria and fungi.


Eat one pear or drink pear juice (slightly warm) after each meal can clear cancer and toxic materials out of the body. Seoul National University of Medicine Division of Preventive Medicine research team led by Professor Yang Meixi in September 2010 released a report saying that eating a pear after meal can discharge a lot of carcinogenic substances accumulated in the human body.

Survey result indicates that smoking or eating grilled & roasted meat, the carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the body will be significantly lower after eating a pear. Result of the findings indicated that heated pear juice contains a lot more anti-cancer substances - Polyphenol.


High in vitamin A, B1,B2, C and P. Can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, soften arteries and prohibit cancer growth. Best for treating stomach cancer.

Sea cucumber

Treats skin cancer.  

Fish maw or fish stomach

Treats stomach or digestive tube cancer.

Monkey-head mushroom

Treats stomach and colon cancer.

Green tea

prevent cancer and heart disease.


Shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushrooms appear to pack the biggest immunity punch. They are rich in minerals and vitamin D, can lower cholesterol in meat.


And related products such as soybean sprouts - prevent and eliminate cancer.


A grapefruit a day can reduce your risk of developing lung cancer by up to 50 percent. Grapefruit contains naringin, which may help lower levels of cancer-causing enzymes.


Alkaline forming, high in vitamin C, has excellent cancer fighting properties (better than chemotherapy drugs).


National Cancer Institute researchers found that people with the highest intakes of carotenoids--pigments that occur naturally in carrot --were six times less likely to develop skin cancer than those with the lowest intakes.


High in vitamin B, C, E and potassium, is known to be effective in treating stomach problems and ulcers.


It is known for its anticancer properties but it could also boost the immune system in older people and slow down the effects of aging.

Coconut Oil

Latest research has found that coconut oil has excellent anti-cancer properties and has been proven to prevent cancer. It is highly recommended that we should use coconut oil to do most of our cooking.

Garlic, green onion, seaweed, kelp, red bean, mung bean, apple, apricot, winter melon, lotus roots and especially white turnip, are all good food for preventing cancer.


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Anti-angiogenesis – 

Cancer cell begins to divide and when grow to a certain size; it needs blood supply to grow larger. The cancer cells release angiogenesis factors. Angiogenesis begins so the cancer can receive nutrients from the blood supply and cause metastasis. They help induce the production of natural anti-angiogenic proteins, Angiostatin and Endostatin.

Anti-angiogenic compounds: Nac, Curcumin (turmeric) , Geinstein. The antigantiogenic compounds enter the blood stream reaches the cancer through capillaries. The angiogenesis process can be reversed using natural antiangiogenesis compounds. The tumor without blood will shrink down. The cancer cells are now subject t attack by natural and now activated killer cells.  


Definitions of Genistein on the Web:


Antiangiogenetic Therapy

"Yes, we can eat to starve cancer. We all have microscopic cancer in us – cancer without disease. Antiangiogenetic therapy is reversing blood flow to cancer cells to starve cancer", said Dr. William Li – The Head of Angiogenesis Foundation.

Dietary Sources of Naturally-Occuring Antiangiogenic Substances

Green tea

Red grapes



Red wine



Bok choy

Sea cucumber





Soy beans






Maitake mushroom




Olive oil



Gape seed oil



Dark chocolate




Source: Angiogensis Foundation (

All Cancer Recipes:

Miracle Juice (5101)

Clear toxins from the body

Dandelion Tea (5102)

Prevent cancer by clearing internal energy blockage and blood stagnation

Mushroom Tea (5103)

Control and shrink tumor growth

8 Herbs Tea (5104)

Treat cancer spreading to bone with extreme heat and pain

Turtle Shell & Herbs Drink (5105)

Clear heat and toxic material, disperse blood stagnation

Crab Shell Powder And 6 Herbs Tea (5106)

Treat lump found in chest (breast cancer)

Mushroom Duck Congee (5107)

Enriching and alleviate dryness after treatment

Chinese Cornbind Congee (5108)

Treat pale and anemic after cancer treatment

Chicken Liver Congee (5109)

Treat liver cancer

Goat Liver Congee (5110)

Treat liver cancer

Garlic Mushroom Congee (5111)

For cancer prevention

Astragalus & Job's Tears Congee (5112)

Treat lack of energy, little appetite and weakening of digestive system due to cancer treatment

Steam Eggplant (5113)

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, soften arteries, alleviate gout pain, anti-tumor growth

Stir-fry Bitter Melon (5114)

Treat cancer of the male genital system or intestines

Asparagus, Mushroom And Pork (5115)

Treat cancer with lack of appetite

American Ginseng and Pork Soup (5116)

Treat lack of appetite after chemotherapy, insufficient white blood cells

Monkey-head Mushroom, Hedyotis and Chicken Soup (5117)

Treat tumor growth in the digestive tract

Mung Bean And Pinellia Pork Soup (5118)

Treat early sign of stomach cancer

Wood-ear and Dates Soup (5119)

Treat internal bleeding, colon and rectal cancer

Mung Bean Soup (5120)

For after treatment care by lowering internal heat and for protecting the mouth

Wolly Grass Soup (5121)

Treat liver cancer with water retention after treatment

Asian Carp Fish & Winter Melon Soup (5122)

Treat water retention after cancer treatment

Apricot Duck Soup (5123)

Treat all symptoms relating to cancer

Ling-chi Tendon Soup (5124)

Treat low white blood cells due to sickness or x-rays or radiotherapy

Hedyotis and Fresh Mushroom Soup (5125)

Treat frequent sore throat and all other cancer symptoms

Soybean Sprout and Pork (5126)

Treat cancer with little appetite, dry mouth and throat

Monkey-head Mushroom, American Ginseng and Pork Soup (5127)

Clear heat and toxins, prevent and treat cancer

Monkey-head Mushroom Dessert (5128)

Relieve adverse symptoms after chemotherapy