Apricot Duck Soup (5123)

Treat all symptoms relating to cancer

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Apricot Duck Soup


All symptoms relating to cancer.


A yin tonic good for the lungs and respiratory system, promote vital fluid to lower the side effect of radiotherapy.


  • Apricot seed 南北杏 - 6gm
  • Duck - one
  • White pepper corn - 30gm
  • Ginger - 100gm (sliced)

1.   Wash duck, remove neck, tail, skin and fat. Put duck in boiling water to cook or a few minutes, remove and rinse.

2.   Put all ingredients inside the duck. Put duck in a casserole and fill with water covering it. 

3.   Put casserole in a steamer or wok and steam for 3 hours (add boiling water to the cooking regularly). 

4.   When done, add salt to serve.


Take the soup regularly with no restriction.

Alternative Method:

Instead of steaming, cook the soup in a pot for half an hour and then transfer the cooking to a crock-pot for another 3 to 4 hours. Cooking without direct fire can keep food neutral and not turning into heaty nature which is counter productive for cancer patients.

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