Chicken Liver Congee (5109)

Treat liver cancer

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Chicken Liver Congee


Liver cancer.


Treat liver cancer.


  • Chicken liver - 200gm
  • Egg- one                                   
  • Rice - 100 gm

1.   Rinse rice. Bring 4 cups of water in a pot to a boil and put in rice. Lower heat to medium, do not cover with lid and let it cook for about 15 minutes to turn into congee or rice soup.

2.   In the mean time, wash chicken liver with salt and rinse and cut into thin slices.

3.   Add liver to the cooking and turn off heat when boil again. Beat in egg, stir for a few round and put on the lid. Let it stand for a few minutes so that liver and egg can continue to cook but not over done.

4.   Add salt to serve and eat congee as meal.


No restriction.

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