Crab Shell Powder And 6 Herbs Tea (5106)

Treat lump found in chest (breast cancer)

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Crab Shell Powder And 6 Herbs Tea


Lump found in chest  (breast cancer).


Clear heat and toxic material, disperse stagnation and relieve carbuncles, promoting blood circulation, promote tissue regeneration.


  • Crab shell – 10
  • Angelica Sinensis (dang gui) 當歸 - 16gm
  • Fritillaria (shuan bei mu) 川貝母- 8gm
  • Mastic (ru xiang) 乳香- 4gm
  • Myrrha (mo yao) 沒藥 - 4gm
  • Trichosanthes (tian hua fen) 天花粉- 20gm
  •  Licorice (gan cao) 甘草 - 4gm

1.   Roast crab shell in an oven until crisp and grind them to powder.

2.   Take 8gm of crab shell powder per day, swallow by mixing with wine.

3.   Decoct the 6 herbs with 4 cups of water and reduce to one cup of tea.

4.   Take the tea once a day.


Continue until the lump has disappeared. Not suitable for pregnant women.

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