Miracle Juice (5101)

Clear toxins from the body

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Miracel Juice - Apple, carrot, potato and lemon juice


Any symptoms to related problems described below.


It can clear toxins from the body, relief constipation, cure allergies, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, cure eyes disease, bad breathe, back and shoulder pain and improve energy and appetite. It can clear cancer in liver, lung, pancreas, and stomach.


  • Apple - one (150 to 200gm)
  • Carrot - one (150 to 200gm)
  • Potato - one (150 to 200gm)
  • Lemon - half

1.   Rinse and cut up apple, carrot and potato into cubes and put in a juicer to make juce.

2.   Add lemon juice to serve.


Take in the morning one hour before breakfast. If necessary, take again at 5 p.m., at least an hour before dinner. Must take continuously everyday for 3 weeks to see improvement and 3 months for recovery.

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