Mushroom Tea (5103)

Control and shrink tumor growth

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Mushroom Tea


Tumor growth.


Control and shrink tumor growth


  • Dried shitake mushroom 冬菇 – 150gm
  • Dried monkey-head mushroom 猴頭菇 – 150gm

1.   Rinse shitake mushroom a couple of time.

2.   Soak monkey-head mushrooms for 30 minutes, rinse a few times until clean.

3.   Roast mushrooms in oven on low heat until become very dry.

4.   Grind mushrooms into powder.

5.   Use one spoon of powder to make one cup of tea.


Drink consistently one to three cups a day to see result. This tea can be used for prevention as well by taking one cup a day.  

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