Stir-fry Bitter Melon (5114)

Treat cancer of the male genital system or intestines

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Stir-fry Bitter Melon


Cancer of the male genital system or intestines with dry mouth and bitter taste, orchitis, blood in stool.


Clear heat and detoxify, rejuvenate kidney and spleen, cure cyst and control abnormal cell growth.


  • Bitter melon - 320gm
  • Ginger - one slice
  • Green onion - one

1.   Wash bitter melon, cut open, remove seeds and cut into thin slices.

2.   Shred ginger and onion.

3.   Heat oil in a pan and put ginger and onion in first to cook for a couple of minutes.

4.   Then add bitter melon and stir around until cooked (about 5 mimutes).

5.   Add seasoning and serve.


Not suitable for people with weak stomach or ulcer.

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