Turtle Shell & Herbs Drink (5105)

Clear heat and toxic material, disperse blood stagnation

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Turtle Shell & Herbs Drink


Cancer growth.


Clear heat and toxic material, disperse blood stagnation. Treat liver cancer and tumor of digestive tract. 


  • Turtle shell (gui ban) 龜板- 240 gm
  • Spreading hedyotis (bai-hua-she-she-cao) 白花蛇舌草 – Fresh 600gm, Dried 240gm)
  • Scutellaria barbata (ban zhi lian) 半枝蓮 – 120 gm

1.   Rinse and cook the 3 ingredients in 30 cups of water and simmer to 6 cups of water left.


Take 2 cups a day for 3 days, one in morning and one in evening. Store in fridge and warm up to serve by reheating in a small pot over a stove (not microwave).

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