Cough & Lung Disease

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for treating cough and lung disease

Cough  & Lung Disease


Fall is the season that is vital to lung health because it is the season dominates by dry air which can cause lung heat to accumulate. It is important to avoid too spicy and hot foods to prevent further intensifying lung heat. Eating white color foods such as white beans and raw white turnips can help to soothe lung and lower heat.

To promote lung health on a regular basis, deep breathing exercise can strengthen lungs and increase their capacity. Researchers have found that eating apple at least five times a week can help to promote strong lungs by removing toxins from them effectively.

According to Chinese medicine, chronic cough can be caused by external evils or an internal functional imbalance. External factors can be wind cold, wind heat and dry heat. Internal factors can be due to lung qi deficiency resulting in lung heat and phlegm or due to liver fire surging out of control.

For cough associated with fever and common cold, herbs such as ma-huang, aconite, asarum and bupleurum are used to ventilate the lungs, relieve exterior symptoms, stop coughing and dispel phlegm. For chronic cough due to internal injury with wheezing: pinellia, cinnamon, ginger, peony and licorice are used to clear lungs, strengthen the spleen, alleviate cough and resolve sputum.

Food cures for cough due to excessive heat type are Chinese pear, white turnip, sugar cane juice and steamed papaya with honey. They are most effective in lowering heat and relieving cough. Drinking, smoking and spicy foods should be avoided in order not to irritate the throat and intensify coughing. Food promoting digestion and sending energy downwards can relieve phlegm dampness due to spleen deficiency.

Emphysema begins with chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma. It is the damage of lung tissue over a long period of time mostly due to smoking or environmental factors. The common symptoms are wheezing, coughing, a feeling of pressure in the chest and difficulty in breathing on physical exertion. It is a sickness that cannot be completely cured.

During asthma attack, Chinese doctors treat the excesses first. When the attack is over, treatment will be for restoring the proper functions of the deficient parts. Food cures for treating cold excess are to warm the lungs, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma. Foods for treating heat excess are to clear lung heat, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma. For treating lung deficiencies, foods to invigorate kidney are used because kidney is considered to be the main source of qi for lungs. When there is sufficient qi, it can prevent abnormal flow of qi and asthma attacks.


All Cough and Lung Disease Recipes:

Lo-han Quo Green Tea (5201)

Clear phlegm and toxic materials in the lungs

Dangshen Herbal Tea (5202)

Treat chronic cough for years leading to weak lungs

Turnip and Water Chestnut Juice (5203)

Relieve internal heat and cough

Hollow Vegetable and Turnip Juice (5204)

Treat cough with blood and bleeding nose

Fritillariae and Chinese Pear Drink (5205)

Treat chronic cough with yellow phlegm, dry throat and mouth

Walnut, Almond and Honey Drink (5206)

Treat weak lung with frequent cough

Scrophularia Herbal Drink (5207)

Treat uneasiness of throat after lung disease, dry throat and coarse voice

Water Chestnut and Jelly Fish Salad (5208)

Clear cough with phlegm and detoxify lungs

Bok-choy Congee (5209)

Coughing with red eyes, dry throat, heavy headed and constipation

Fritillaria Congee (5210)

Nourish lung, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough

Mutton and Wheat Congee (5211)

Treat chronic bronchitis with clear phlegm

Ginger Black Dates (5212)

Treat bronchitis with coughing more in colder weather

Joint Fir Pear Soup (5213)

Treat heat cough with phlegm and face and ears turning hot and red

Steam Banana with Rock Sugar (5214)

Treat chronic cough

Snow-ear Mushroom Sweet Soup (5215)

Treat lung diseases, tuberculosis, coughing with blood

Dengshen & Duck Soup (5216)

Treat bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis

Pig Lung and Bok Choy Soup (5217)

Treat chronic cough and bronchitis

Goji Root Bark and Tomato Soup (5218)

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, treat chronic urticaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia

Pan-fried Egg with Pig Fat and Honey (5219)

Cure chronic cough due to cold air and weak lungs

Herbal Steak (5220)

Treat respiratory allergies

Steamed Lily Flower and Bulb with Chicken (5221)

Treat chronic dry cough with dry mouth

Quail and Jelly Fish Soup (5222)

Treat chronic cough with phlegm

Ginkgo Duck Soup (5223)

Treat chronic cough

Watercress, Lo-han quo and Pork Soup (5224)

Treat dry mouth and sore throat

Herbal Pigeon Soup (5225)

Treat emphysema with intermittent coughing, whizzing and lack of air

Fritillaria Partridge Soup (5226)

Treat chronic cough with phlegm

Gingko, Fish Maw and Chicken Soup (5227)

Clear lung and treat asthma

Walnut and Coconut Soup (5228)

Treat asthma

Pig Lung and Lotus Root Soup (5229)

Promote lung health and stop coughing

Seaweed Tofu Soup (5230)

Coughing with phlegm due to too much smoking and drinking

Lo-han-Quo Soup (5231)

Treat dry cough with phlegm, dry throat and coarse voice

Biota and Pork Soup (5232)

Treat late stage of chronic cough

Pig Lung and White Pepper Soup (5233)

Treat chronic cough in the morning and especially in winter months with lots of phlegm

Cordyceps Duck Soup (5234)

Treat bronchial asthma that is worse with cold weather

Gingko and Soybean Pastry Dessert (5235)

Treat coughing with phlegm, bronchitis

Citrus Peel & Apricot Kernal Dessert (5236)

Relieve cough and dyspnea

Magnolia Apple Dessert (5237)

Treat dry cough with little sputum, fatigue and headache

Gingko & Lily Dessert (5238)

Sooth lung, clear chronic cough and phlegm