Cordyceps Duck Soup (5234)

Treat bronchial asthma that is worse with cold weather

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Cordyceps Duck Soup


Bronchial asthma that is worse with cold weather, dry mouth and throat, kidney yin deficiency.


Astringe the lung and ease the throat, invigorate the lung and kidney, relieve dyspnea, and eliminate phlegm, tonic for the aged and diseased.

INGREDIENTS: (2 Servings)

  • Cordyceps (dong chong xia cao) 冬虫夏草- 12gm
  • Matured duck 老鴨- one whole
  • Citrus peel (chen pi) 陳皮- 8gm
  • Chebula fruit (he zi) 訶子- 8gm

1.   Wash duck, remove skin and fat and put in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove and rinse.

2.   Rinse herbs and put them inside the duck. Put the duck in a casserole with adequate hot water and cover with lid.

3.   Place the casserole on a stainless steel cooling stand inside a pot or a wok with enough hot water at the bottom to reach up to the lower third of the casserole.

4.   Cover the pot or wok with lid and cook it over medium-high heat for 3 hours. Add hot water regularly to prevent burning.

5.   When done, add salt to serve. Eat meat with soup.


Eat with meal. Take regularly for maintenance and prevention.

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