Fritillaria Partridge Soup (5226)

Treat chronic cough with phlegm

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Fritillaria Partridge Soup


Cough with phlegm.


Clear phlegm and stop coughing.


  • Partridge 鷓鴣 – one
  • Fritillaria 川貝 – 15gm  
  • Southern apricot kernel 南杏仁 – 30gm
  • Northern apricot kernel 北杏仁 – 6gm
  • Corn starch – 2 spoons

1.   Wash partridge and separate meat and bone. Use the bone to cook with 3 cups of water and fritilaria powder and cook over medium heat down to one cup of soup.

2.   Minced partridge meat and keep aside.

3.   Crush fritillaria into powder.

4.   Soak apricot kernel for an hour. Rinse and put with one cup of water in a food processor and grind to a fine paste. Pass the mixture through a filter and keep the juice only.

5.   Strain bone soup to remove bones and return soup to boil. Add apricot juice and bring to boil.

6.   Add partridge meat and cook for a few minutes to just cooked.  

7.   Mix cornstarch with 2 spoons of water into a paste and add to the cooking to thicken the soup. Add salt/seasoning to taste and serve.


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