Ginger Black Dates (5212)

Treat bronchitis with coughing more in colder weather

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Ginger Black Dates


Bronchitis, coughing more in colder weather.


Promote blood, benefit spleen, lung, kidney and liver, improve yang energy and good for improving poor digestion with bloating, no appetite and loose bowel. It is also good for improving heart diseases.


  • Processed / black dates 烏棗 – a few pounds
  • Ginger juice – enough to cover all the dates

1.   Wash and steam black dates for 20 minutes and let cool.

2.   Peel ginger and cut into small pieces. Use a juicer to extract juice or use a blander to grind ginger in pouch and then press out the juice.

3.   Put all dates in a big bottle and pour in ginger juice to allow dates to soak up the juice.

4.   Keep the bottle inside a fridge.


Take 6 to 10 dates per day everyday on empty stomach either before breakfast or in the afternoon consistently for a few months, especially throughout winter, to see result. No restriction.

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