Gingko, Fish Maw and Chicken Soup (5227)

Clear lung and treat asthma

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Gingko, Fish Maw and Chicken Soup




Clear lung and treat asthma.


  • Ginkgo (ying xing) 銀杏/白果 - 20
  • White pepper corn 白胡椒粒 – 20 (crushed)
  • Bletilla (bai ji) 白芨 – 30gm
  • Chicken – one whole
  • Thin fish maw 薄身花膠 – 60gm

1.   Wash chicken and cut into quarters, remove skin and obvious fat. Put chicken in boiling water to cook for 5 minutes. Remove and rinse.

2.   Crush open ginkgo, remove shell, cut into halves and put in boiling water for a few minutes. Then emove membrane and green heart.  

3.   Soak fish maw for a few hours until becoming softer, put in boiling water for a few minutes, remove and rinse, and cut into bite size pieces.

4.   Rinse herb and put all ingredients in a soup pot with about 12 cups or 3 litres of water. Bring to a boil, remove foam and reduce heat to simmer for 3 hours to about 4 cups of soup (add boiling water to the cooking if necessary).

5.   Add salt to taste and serve.


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