Goji Root Bark and Tomato Soup (5218)

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, treat chronic urticaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia

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Goji Root Bark and Tomato Soup


Allergy, pneumonia, low fever due to chronic or consumptive disease such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. 


Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, treat chronic urticaria, drug allergy, allergic purpura, contact dermatitis, lymphatic tuberculosis and pneumonia, hypertension and diabetes.


  • Goji-berry root bark (di-gu-pi) 地骨皮- 25gm
  • Tomato - 300gm
  • Tofu - 250gm
  • Fresh shiitake mushroom 鮮冬菇 - 70gm
  • Dried lily bulb(bai he) 百合 - 100gm
  • Water chestnut 馬蹄 - 50gm
  • Fresh coriander - 10gm
  • Green onion (white stem only) - 8gm

1.   Simmer goji-berry root bark in 500ml of water and cook until water is reduced to half. Strain and keep the tea aside.

2.   Wash and dice tomato, mushroom and water chestnuts.

3.   Soak and rinse lily and cook with 4 cups of water over medium high heat to one cup of soup.

4.   Heat oil in a pan, stir-fry green onion until aromatic. Add herbal tea and lily with broth. When boil, add tofu, mushroom, water chestnut and tomato. Cook until the soup has thickened, add coriander and seasoning (sesame oil, black pepper and salt) to serve.


Eat with meal, twice a week for up to 2 months.


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