Herbal Steak (5220)

Treat respiratory allergies

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Herbal Steak


All symptoms of respiratory allergies.


Energy tonic for the lungs, increase immunity and assist the body to resist the attack of external excesses.


  • Astragalus (huang qi) 黃耆 - 5gm
  • Chinese wind shelter (fang feng) 防風 - 10gm
  • White atractylodes (bai zhu) 白朮 - 5gm
  • Beef steak - 100gm
  • Royal jelly - 10gm

1.   Boil the three herbs in 4 cups of water on medium low heat for 30 minutes to about 1 cup of tea. Strain and keep tea aside.

2.   Pan-fry steak and brown quickly on both sides and then pour herbal tea and royal jelly on top and turn to low heat and cook until steak is done.


Eat with meal. 




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