Walnut and Coconut Soup (5228)

Treat asthma

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Walnut and Coconut Soup




Treat asthma.


  • Walnut 合桃肉  - 60gm
  • Dried lily bulb (bai he) 百合 – 60gm
  • Dried scallop 瑤柱 – 30gm
  • Coconut 椰子 – one large

1.    Cut top part of coconut to make a lid and pour out the water.

2.    Soak walnut and lily for 30 minutes. Put walnut in hot water to cook for a few minutes, remove and rinse.

3.   Rinse dried scallop.

4.   Put all ingredients inside the coconut and fill up with hot water. Cover the lid.

5.   Put coconut in a pot or wok to steam for 3 hours.

6.   Add salt to serve and eat content with soup.


No limitation. Take regularly to see improvement and cure.

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