Sea Cucumber and Beanstalk Soup (5306)

Treat habitual constipation especially for older people

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Sea Cucumber and Beanstalk Soup


Habitual constipation especially for older people.        


Promote yin, lower blood pressure and ease constipation.


  • Dried or frozen Sea cucumber  海參 - one piece
  • Chicken breast - 120gm
  • Chinese ham 金華火腿 - 20gm
  • Snow-pea leaf 豆苗 - 160gm
  • Chicken broth - 2 cups

1.     When using dried sea cucumber, it has to be cooked with water for 5 to 10 minutes with a piece of ginger, once a day for a few days and soak with clean water in between (keep inside the fridge) until it is fully re-hydrated and soften.

2.     Wash sea cucumber, cut open, clean out gut and cut into thin slices.

3.     Wash chicken and ham and cut into thin slices.

4.     Wash beanstalk and keep aside.

5.     Bring chicken broth to a boil in a skillet. Then add chicken and let it cook to almost done.

6.     Add sea cucumber, ham and bean stalk to cook for another five minutes. Add seasoning to serve. Eat content with soup.


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