Snow Pea, Water Chestnut and Jelly Fish Soup (5310)

Treat excessive internal heat causing constipation

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Snow Pea, Water Chestnut and Jelly Fish Soup


Excessive internal heat causing constipation and lack of appetite.


Clear heat, lubricate intestines, clear build up of mucus, promote movement of food, ease constipation and improve appetite.         


  • Snow pea - 240gm
  • Water chestnut 馬蹄 - 10
  • Jelly fish 海蜇 - 120gm
  • Lean pork - 80gm
  • Ginger - one slice

1.   Remove strings in snow pea and rinse.

2.   Peel chestnut, rinse and cut into slices.

3.   Soak jellyfish and rinse until clean and cut into slices.

4.   Wash pork and cut into thin slices.

5.   Heat about 5 cups of water in a pot and bring to a boil. Put all ingredients in. Reduce heat to medium low to simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

6.   Add salt to serve.


Eat content with soup with no restriction.

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