Bitter Melon & Pork Ribs Stew (4111)

Regulate blood sugar

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Bitter Melon & Pork Ribs Stew


All symptoms of diabetes.


Regulate blood sugar.


  • Pork ribs 豬排骨-  240gm
  • Bitter melon 苦瓜– one
  • Sour mustard green  咸酸菜– 100gm
  • Ginger – 2 slices
  • Minced garlic – one spoon
  • Dried or fresh red pepper – one
  • Green onion – 2

1.   Wash ribs and cut into pieces. Season ribs with a spoon of starch for about 10 minutes and then put in boiling water to blanch for a few minutes, remove and strain.

2.   Wash melon and cut into rectangular 1” x 2” pieces. Put in boiling water with a spoon of salt and one spoon of sugar to blanch for a couple of minutes, remove and strain.

3.   Wash and cut mustard green into small pieces. Thinly slice red pepper and remove seeds. Cut green onion into sections.

4.   Warm one spoon of oil in a pan or wok and put in ginger and garlic to stir briefly and add ribs to brown slightly on both sides. Then sprinkle in 2 spoons of cooking wine, follow by one spoon of soy sauce.

5.   Then add enough water to just cover the ribs. Add mustard green, red pepper and one spoon of oyster sauce and cover with lid to let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

6.   Then add bitter melon to cook for another 5 minutes (add water if necessary).

7.   When ready, add green onion and about one spoon of cornstarch water to thicken the sauce and serve with meal.


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