Hawthorn Seaweed Sweet Drink (5404)

Treat heart blood coagulation syndrome with chest congestion

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Hawthorn Seaweed Sweet Drink


Heart blood coagulation syndrome with chest congestion, chronic headache, cold hands and feet, excessive perspiration, pale complexion, poor appetite, shortness of breath.


A heart tonic to lower blood pressure, soften hardness, reduce excess perspiration and internal heat.


  • Chinese hawthorn (shan-zha) 山楂 - 30gm
  • Seaweed - 50gm
  • Wheat (fu xiao mai) 浮小麥 - 50gm
  • Natural sugar – to taste

1.   Crush hawthorn, bake until dry and grind into powder.

2.   Boil seaweed and wheat in 3 cups of water for 30 minutes to make tea.

3.   Add hawthorn powder and sugar to serve.


Take with meal.

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