Walnut Hawthorn Tea (5401)

Clear blood clot and lower blood lipid

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Walnut Hawthorn Tea


Coronary heart disease with high cholesterol and angina.


Promote blood, clear blood clot, lower blood lipid, regulate qi.


  • Walnut 桃仁 – 12gm
  • Hawthorn 山楂 -25gm
  • Citrus pee l陳皮 – 9gm (pre-soaked and with white tissue removed)

1.   Rinse and cook the three ingredients with 2 to 3 cups of water for 10 minutes, pour out the tea and keep aside.

2.   Add another 2 cups of water and cook the ingredients for a second time for 10 minutes.

3.   Strain tea and mix it to the tea from the first cooking together and drink throughout the day.


No restriction.

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