High Cholesterol

Natural and herbal remedy recipes for lowering cholesterol

High Cholesterol


Cholesterol is one of the most controversial subjects in western medicine. For the last few decades, fat and cholesterol have been blamed to cause heart disease. Mainstream medicine is telling people to avoid animal fat like plague. Egg, butter, coconut, some seafood and organ meat are to be excluded from a healthy diet. A low fat diet of mostly trans-fat and simple carbohydrates became popular but heart disease remained the number one killer up until recently, giving the top spot to medical error.

More and more research in recent years have found low fat diet together with cholesterol lowering drugs, especially statin drugs, are creating more health problems than help. People that are chronically low in cholesterol levels may lead to lowered brain serotonin activity, which may, in turn, lead to increased violence and aggression and higher risk of cancer. Statin drugs work by prohibiting our liver’s production of enzyme to make cholesterol. They also deplete our body of Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which leads to fatigue, muscle weakness, soreness, and a host of other health problems and eventually heart failure.

Cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane and therefore vital to life. It is also a precursor to all of the hormones that our body needs. Whenever we have inflammation in our body, it is a natural response of the body to produce cholesterol and send them to the damaged area to repair and heal. The elevation of cholesterol is not the problem but inflammation is and should be addressed. By lowering cholesterol, it is only making the matter worse.

When there is damage to our arteries, there is inflammation and scar tissues will build up and they will cause narrowing of arteries and constricting blood flow. This will lead to increasing blood pressure and increasing the risk for heart disease.

People looking for an alternative to statin drugs should eat a fiber-rich diet to help lower their cholesterol while eliminating sugars, white bread, and pastas that crank up their triglyceride levels—that’s another blood fat that affects cholesterol level. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and eliminate as much red meat as possible.

Chinese medicine relates high cholesterol to problems such as superficial damp heat, spleen dampness, hot stomach, liver’s fire surging and spleen-kidney yang deficiency.  Food treatments include hawthorn berries, mushroom, eggplant, beans, mung bean sprout and garlic. High fat and deep fried foods are prohibited.


It can lower the risk of heart disease by lowering harmful cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. Great niacin food sources include beef, salmon, tuna, chicken, cremini mushrooms, asparagus, peanuts, eggs, and whole grains.

High Soluble Fiber

This is the greatest of all the miracle foods. Fiber lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) while promoting the HDL (good cholesterol). It will greatly decrease the risk of heart disease. Oats, beans, barley and rice are high in soluble fiber.

Good Fats

Oliver oil, fish, nuts (almond, walnut, cashew) and seed are wonder foods for lowering LDL and raising HDL cholesterol.

Plant Staroles

Onion, garlic, spinach,Vitamin C-rich Foods (strawberries, apples, grapefruits, orange, bell peppers), beta-carotene-rich Foods (carrots, broccoli) can lower your cholesterol without any side effects.


Flavonoids, the major antioxidants in tea, have been shown to prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol that leads to plaque formation on artery walls. These powerful antioxidants may even reduce cholesterol and even lower blood pressure.

What you should know about statin drugs

Click here to see a video at ihealthtube.com on statin drugs.


All High Cholesterol Recipes:

Mulberry Tea (4301)

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Cornbind and Hawthorn Tea (4302)

Treat high blood pressure, hardening of arteries, high cholesterol

Ling-chi and Notoginseng Tea (4303)

Lower cholesterol and blood sugar

Goji-berry & Red Ling-chi Tea (4304)

Lower cholesterol

Hawthorn & Lo-han Fruit Tea (4305)

Lower cholesterol

Mung Bean Sprout and Celery Salad (4306)

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Shredded Chicken, Wood-ear Mushroom and Eggplant Soup (4307)

Lower cholesterol, soften blood vessel and clear blood clot.

Beef Brisket, Wood-ear Mushroom and Lime Soup (4308)

Lower cholesterol, enrich blood and clear blood clot

Hawthorn Fish Soup (4309)

Lower cholesterol, lower blood lipids and lower blood pressure

Black Wood-ear Mushroom Soup (4310)

Lower cholesterol and cool blood

Carrots and Burdock Soup (4311)

Lower cholesterol and lower blood lipids

Snow-ear Mushroom and Gingko Dessert (4312)

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol, balance blood and nourish stomach