Ling-chi and Notoginseng Tea (4303)

Lower cholesterol and blood sugar

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Ling-chi and Notoginseng Tea


High cholesterol.


Lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Help the body to detoxify and improve energy.

INGREDIENTS: (3 servings)

  • Ling-chi (ling chi / reichi) 靈芝 – 8 gm
  • Notoginseng (san qi) 三七/田七 – 8 gm
  • Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (dan shen) 丹參 8 gm

1.   Rinse herbs and cook them with 5 cups of water over medium heat to 3 cups of water left.

2.   Take one cup of tea per day.


Take regularly when necessary until cholesterol is under control.

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