Natural and herbal remedy recipes for lowering blood pressure

Treating Hypertension / High Blood Pressure


When blood pressure is elevated, it is a symptom telling us that the heart has to work harder to pump an adequate amount of blood to all the tissues in the body. The condition often leads to kidney failure, heart failure and stroke. Hypertension can be caused by overwork, drunkenness, smoking, stress and overweight.

Other warning signs of the problem include headaches, sweating, rapid pulse, and shortness of breath, dizziness and visual disturbances. The greater the weight, the more likely that blood pressure will be higher. Kidney malfunction can also cause high blood pressure.

High blood pressure should be treated early with a change of diet, reduce salt intake, weight loss and temper control.


Chinese medicine does not treat hypertension by lowering the blood pressure but rather by treating the organs which are most likely be out of balance and causing the rise of blood pressure. Hypertension is regarded as a result of liver fire, liver-kidney deficiency with liver yang surging up or deficiency of yin or yang. Bupleurum or Hare's Ear (chai hu) is a herb commonly used to reduce chest fullness and tenseness in the abdomen.


Our healthy guidelines for people to prevent and treat high blood pressure:

1.  Drink enough good clean water everyday

It can prevent blood from thickening. You need 1 to 2 glasses of water upon rising in the morning because blood is at its thickest after losing water to sweats and urine overnight. That is why blood pressure is usually at the highest in the morning and so is heart disease. Drink enough water before and after exercising, bathing, drinking alcohol and going out. You can lose moisture to the atmosphere even by just sitting and working at the desk. It is quite commonly found that proper hydration is the best cure for high blood pressure.    

2.  Center meals with vegetables and fruits

Their high fiber, vitamin C, minerals and antioxidant properties can reduce the chance of blood clot. Eat meat in small quantity because they can increase LDL cholesterol which tends to stick to the sides of the arterial wall and form plaque. Plaque stiffens the arteries and narrows the passage through them and raises blood pressure. .

3.  Avoid salt and high sodium foods

Foods such as commercial seasoning, processed foods, canned foods, smoked meat, sausages and pickled products because they drain water from our body and damage kidney cells. Use natural spices, herbs, seaweeds, lemon and mushroom as condiments to spice up food instead.

4.  Eat foods high in potassium

Good dietary sources of potassium include bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, and acorn squash. Potassium helps maintain intracellular osmotic pressure, which is the force required to stop the loss of water across cell membrane.

5.  Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods

They can help to reduce blood pressure. Food sources rich in calcium include low-fat milk, green beans, sardines with bones, broccoli, spinach, and tofu. Good sources of magnesium-rich foods include any legumes and seeds, such as navy beans and sunflower seeds.

6.  Eat less fat

Maximum 1 to 2 spoons of good fat per day to support normal cellular function and nourish skin. Use only olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil and grape seeds oil for cooking. This can prevent putting too much pressure on the liver where oil is processed and accumulated.

7.  Avoid eating out

Eat regular three meals  per day and not too much to keep weight within healthy range. Avoid eating out as much as possible for obvious reasons.

8.  Relax, control stress and exercise

Green tea can help the body to relax and protect arteries. Exercise can also help the body and mind to unwind and promote better circulation of blood.


Common foods that can lower blood pressure:

Tomato and celery

Take tomato juice once every two days for half a month as a course of treatment to lower blood pressure. Celery juice (with some honey) has the same effect. Or you can use both for better results.

Grape seeds

They can cause blood vessels to relax, open up clogged arteries and clean up calcium build-up in blood vessels.


Garlic can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. It prevents clot formation, enhances immune capacity through stimulation of natural killer cell activity.


Help prevent arteries from stiffening, tightening and reducing blood flow. 

Peanut shells

Cook with water to make tea and drink continuously for half a month to lower blood pressure. Soak peanuts (with red skin) in rice vinegar and eat 10 each morning can also help to control high blood pressure.


It can lower blood pressure, prevent cancer and slow aging.


High in potassium can lower blood pressure.

Bok-choy, white turnip, carrot, jelly fish, kelp, onion, water melon and water chestnut -

all can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.


All Hypertension Recipes:

Celery Drink (4201)

Lower blood pressure

Water Chestnut, Kelp and Corn Silk Drink (4202)

Lower blood pressure

Astragulas Tea (4203)

Lower blood pressure and promote qi circulation

Cornbind Wu-long Tea (4204)

Treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Mulberry Tea (4205)

High blood pressure with dry/red eyes and headache

Jellyfish, Water Chestnut with Self-heal Tea (4206)

Treat liver fire syndrome of hypertension

Jelly Fish, Chicken & Celery Salad (4207)

Treat hypertension with phlegm and red eyes; hardening of arteries

Cucumber, Seaweed & Tofu Salad (4208)

Lower blood pressure

Dried Mussel Soup (4209)

Promote blood circulation, lower blood heat, induce vital energy downward

Mistletoe and Sea Cucumber Soup (4210)

Treat deficiency syndrome of hypertension with insomnia and numbness in the limbs

Spinach, Celery and Snow-ear Mushroom Soup (4211)

Treat high blood pressure with headache, red-face, constipation and troubled heart

Mushroom & Job's Tears Soup (4212)

Promote diuresis to relieve dampness, clear heat, lower blood pressure

White Turnip, Kelp and Jelly Fish Soup (4213)

Treat high blood pressure with internal heat and phlegm

Gastrodia and Abalone Soup (4214)

Treat dizziness, headache and unclear vision due to high blood pressure

Soybean Sprout, Mushroom and Chicken Soup (4215)

Lower blood pressure, improve energy and appetite

Pork, Tofu and Chinese Celery Soup (4216)

Treat high blood pressure with headache and dizziness

Ling-chi Pork Soup (4217)

Lower blood pressure

Monkey-Head Mushroom and Dry Snail Soup (4218)

Treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor digestion, ulcer

Mistletoe and Pork Soup (4219)

Treat high blood pressure, weak kidneys and loin pain

Fresh Mushroom & Pork Soup (4220)

Lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and prevent cancer

Wood-ear Mushroom, Eggplant and Pork Soup (4221)

Lower blood pressure and soften arteries

Monkey-head Mushroom, Gastrodia & Pork Soup (4222)

Prevent and treat high blood pressure with dizziness

Chinese Celery, Dried Mussel and Mustard Green Soup (4223)

Lower blood pressure and lower heat

Kelp & Mung Beans Dessert (4224)

Lower heat, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, promote blood

Onion Red Wine (4225)

Lower blood pressure, promote blood and blood circulation, regulate blood sugar and promote better sleep