Celery Drink (4201)

Lower blood pressure

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Celery Drink


Headache, restless sleep, weak stomach, and deficiency in blood.


Lower blood pressure, calming and promote production of blood.


  • Chinese celery 芹菜 – 180gm
  • Celery 西芹 - 180gm
  • Pitted red dates 紅棗 - 8

1.   Soak dates for 15 minutes and rinse a few times.

2.   Cut celery into small pieces.

3.   Put all ingredients in a pot with 4 cups of water.

4.   Cook over medium heat to about 1 cup of water left.

5.   Strain and drink tea only.


No limitation. Take 4 to 5 times to see improvement and take regularly to see result. 

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