Cucumber, Seaweed & Tofu Salad (4208)

Lower blood pressure

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Cucumber, Seaweed & Tofu Salad


High blood pressure.


Lower blood pressure.


  • Cucumber - one
  • Seaweed 紫菜 – one sheet (about 30 gm)
  • Firm tofu  荳乾 – one piece
  • Chinese celery 中芹 – 120gm
  • Dried small shrimp 蝦米 – one spoon
  • Minced garlic 蒜茸 – one spoon

1.    Wash cucumber and celery, and shred it thinly.

2.    Rinse seaweed of salt and drain.

3.    Wash and cut tofu into thin thread.

4.   Soak and rinse dried shrimp and chop it finely.

5.   Heat up one spoon of oil, add garlic and shrimp to stir-fry for a minute and then add tofu to brown both sides slightly.

6.   Add cucumber and celery to mix in for a couple of minutes and put to plate.

7.   Let cool, add seasoning to taste (brown vinegar, salt and sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil) to serve as salad.


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