Jelly Fish, Chicken & Celery Salad (4207)

Treat hypertension with phlegm and red eyes; hardening of arteries

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Jelly Fish, Chicken & Celery Salad


Liver fire syndrome of hypertension with phlegm and red eyes; hardening of arteries.  


Clear liver heat and lower blood pressure.


  • Chinese celery 芹菜 and celery 西芹 – 120 gm each
  • Jelly fish 海蜇 – 240gm
  • Small dried shrimp 蝦米 – 100 gm
  • Roasted sesame seeds - one tea spoon
  • Chicken – one whole
  • Ginger – 2 slices
  • Green onion – 2

1.   Wash whole chicken with salt, rinse, drain and stuff with ginger and green onion. Steam chicken in a wok or steamer until it is cooked (about 30 minutes).

2.   Put chicken in cold water (with ice) until it has cooled down. Remove and drain. Discard skin, cut out chicken breast and shred meat thinly.

3.   Put the rest of the chicken with bone in a soup pot with 5 cups of water and cook over medium heat to about 2 cups of soup. Strain, add a pinch of salt to the soup, keep aside and let cool.

4.   Rinse dried shrimp and steam it for about 10 minutes, let cool and chop finely.

5.   Soak jelly fish until soft. Rinse out salt and cut thinly. Put jelly fish in boiling water for a few minutes. It will shrink significantly. Retrieve, rinse and put in cold water to allow it to re-inflate again (in about 2 hours).

6.   Wash celeries, peel and cut into sections and then cut thinly. Put celeries in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then retrieve and put them through cold bath so that they become crisp and crunchy.

7.   Drain jelly fish, put together with celeries and shrimp and put them in the chicken soup to soak for 3 hours and then retrieve and drain.

8.   Mix jelly fish, celeries and shrimp with shredded chicken. Add seasoning (sesame oil, low sodium soy sauce and/or chilli) to taste and sprinkle in roasted sesame seed to serve as appetizer.  


No restriction.

TIPS: Shredded carrot can be added to give extra color, texture and taste. 

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