Jellyfish, Water Chestnut with Self-heal Tea (4206)

Treat liver fire syndrome of hypertension

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Jellyfish, Water Chestnut with Self-heal Tea


Liver fire syndrome of hypertension: blood pressure rises easily during anger and stress, discharge of yellowish and scanty urine, dry mouth, hot temper, flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and severe headache.


Act on liver and relieve headache, reduce blood pressure, clear heat.


  • Self-heal (xia-ku-cao) 夏枯草 - 10gm
  • Jellyfish skin 海蜇皮 - 120gm
  • Water chestnuts 馬蹄 - 300gm

1.   Rinse self-heal & cook over mediium heat in a pot with 6 cups of water for 30 minutes to 3 cups of tea, Strain to return tea to the pot.

2.   Soak & rinse jellyfish to remove salt and cut thinly into stripes.

3.   Scrub water chestnuts (with skin) until clean and crush them open slightly.

4.   Add jelly fish & water chestnuts to the herbal tea and cook over medium low heat to reduce water to half.

5.   Strain and drink tea only by two servings.


Take on empty stomach (best in the afternoon).

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