Licorice, Wheat and Dates Tea (5503)

Treat insomnia due to anxiety and depression

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Licorice, Wheat and Dates Tea


Insomnia due to anxiety and depression.


Nourish nervous system, calm anxiety and treat people of all ages with sleep difficulties, restless night, attention deficit and imbalance of yin and yang energy.

INGREDIENTS: (3 servings)

  • Chinese Jujube (da zao) 大棗 – 20gm
  • Licorice (gan cao) 甘草 - 30gm
  • Wheat (fu xiao mai) 浮小麥 - 100gm
  • Dried lily bulb / Bulbus Lilii (bai he) 百合 - 15gm
  • Biota Orientalis (bo zi ren) 柏子仁 - 15gm
  • Rehmannia Radix (sheng di) 生地 - 15gm

1.   Rinse herbs and put in a pot with 6 cups of water. Cook over medium heat to 3 cups of water left.

2.   Strain and take warm by 3 servings throughout the day.


Repeat recipe for 10 times to see improvement. Continue the recipe for another 10 times to see cure.

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