Catfish Soup (5716)

Treat acute or chronic hepatitis

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Catfish Soup


Acute or chronic hepatitis.


Eliminate dampness and relieve jaundice, relieve cholelithiasis and infectious hepatitis, promote diuresis, clear away toxic material and relieve swelling.


  • Catfish - 300gm
  • Ginger - 80gm
  • Chinese coin grass (jin qian cao) 金錢草 - 12gm
  • Capillaris (yin chen) 茵陳 - 12gm

1.   Wash fish and put in boiling water until surface turned white. Remove and scrap off white coating by a knife and rinse.

2.   Put everything in a pot with adequate water and simmer for 2 hours to 2 cups of soup.

3.   Add salt to serve.


No restriction.

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