Chrysanthemum and Goji-berries Tea (5701)

Clear liver heat

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Chrysanthemum and Goji-berries Tea


Dry and red eyes.


Clear lung and liver heat, and benefit kidney.


  • Chrysanthemum (ju hua) 菊花 – 6gm
  • Goji-berries (gou ji zi) 枸杞子 – 6gm
  • Green tea leaves – one tea spoon or one green tea bag

1.   Soak goji-berries for 20 minutes and rinse a few times to get rid of the red colour.

2.   Rinse chrysanthemum flower and drain.

3.   Put all ingredients in a tea pot and pour in about 1.5 cups of boiling water. Cover with lid and let it sits for 10 minutes.

4.   Pour out tea and serve.


Suitable for most people.

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