Coin Grass and Abrus Cantoneinsis Tea (5721)

Small gallstones found in gallbladder

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Coin Grass and Abrus Cantoneinsis Tea


Small gallstones found in gallbladder.


Clear heat, promote diuresis, increasing biliary secretion, treat infectious hepatitis, cholelithiasis with dampness-heat syndrome; increase coronary, cerebral and renal blood flow.


  • Coin Grass (jin qian cao) 金錢草 - 40 gm
  • Abrus Cantoniensis Hance (ji gu cao) 雞骨草- 80 gm
  • Pitted Red Dates 紅棗 - 6

1.   Rinse herb Abrus and cook with 1 liter of water over medium heat for 3 hours.

2.   Rinse Coin Grass and dates and add to the cooking for another hour to about 1 cup of water left (add hot water to the cooking if necessary).

3.   Strain and drink tea only. For convenience, cook up to 4 or 5 days of tea as a batch and keep it refrigerated. Warm one cup over low heat each day before use (no microwave heating).


Take the tea once a day and continue up to two months to see result. 

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