Hypericum and Egg (5711)

Acute jaundice hepatitis with eyes and skin turning yellow

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Hypericum and Egg


Acute jaundice hepatitis with eyes and skin turning yellow, chronic hepatitis with painful body, bloated abdomen and tiredness.


Deprive dampness and relieve jaundice for liver and gallbladder dampness (heat type), clear heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and relieve edema.


  • Hypericum (di er cao) 地耳草 - Fresh 120gm, Dried 40gm
  • Egg - two

1.   Rinse herb and put together with eggs (with shell) in a pot with 4 cups of water.

2.   Cook over medium heat for half an hour to reduce water to half.

3.   Take out eggs, remove eggshell, return eggs to cooking and cook until only one cup of water left.

4.   Drink the tea and eat eggs. Add salt to serve if prefer.


Take once a day for 10 days. For severe cases, take twice a day.

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