Dang-gui Pigeon Soup (5806)

Treat missing menstrual period causing pain to abdomen and chest

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Dang-gui Pigeon Soup


Missing menstrual period causing pain to abdomen and chest and feeling agitated.


Promote menstruation and alleviate pain, promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, clear blood heat.


  • Pigeon - one
  • Angelica Sinensis (dang gui) 當歸 - 12gm
  • Rehmannia (sheng di) 生地 -12gm
  • Safflower (hong hua) 紅花-12gm
  • Resin (xue jie) 血竭 - 12gm

1.   Wash pigeon and remove internal organs and fat.

2.   Rinse and cut herbs into smaller pieces and stuff them inside the pigeon and close up the opening by a pin. 
3.   Put pigeon in a small pot with 3 cups of water and 3 cups of rice wine.

4.   Cook pigeon over medium low heat to 1.5 cups of soup

5.   Add salt to serve and eat pigeon with soup.


Not suitable for pregnant women.

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